Dedicated Professional Sales Contact

Every business account will be assigned to a dedicated sales professional for better service, follow up, and client relationship management.

We pride ourselves for our brilliant customer service. Once you sign up with us, we would assign dedicated sales professionals to work with you, provide you quality service, a better relationship management and follow up. We will stop at nothing short of full satisfaction for you.


Accelerated shipping

We have reached a high optimum for processing every shipping order. All orders are shipped with absolute immediacy. Your shipping usually reaches you the next working day.


Flat rate shipping

We charge just 9 dollars for orders within Metro Vancouver (this does not include oversized and overweighed items such as racks and UPS batteries).


Great counsels for alternative solutions.

Computer products have a relative short time span. We offer perfect alternatives to products that have become outmoded or unavailable. We have a professional team that would help make the most suitable recommendation for you.


Responsive for not-in-stock products

If you require anything quickly, A-Power is noted for its agility and fast-pace deliveries. It doesn’t matter whether we have them in stock or not. If you need it, we will find them and ship them to you. 


Competitive Pricing

Even with our highly valuable services, we still offer the best prices plus quantity discount.